Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I'm currently sitting at my desk in the most crappiest pjs ever (not even my favourite best pjs), half feeling sorry for myself and the other half feeling like i need to give myself a good kick up the backside.
It's that time of the year ... FRESHERS WEEK.
I'm definitely not a Freshers but hey, it's my last year in university so i might aswell drink myself silly before it all starts to get serious!

Right, okay, enough of describing my horrendous state.

How about i start with my cheeky trip to Belfast, Ireland to celebrate the 21st 
my absolutely gorgeous irish beauty of a friend Claire! 

Definitely a weekend not to forget (:

a cheeky game we like to call ICING!
Requirement: downing a Smirnoff ICE on one knee.


Irish breakfast, who'dve thought a very intoxicated 21 year old would create such an extravaganza of a breakfast?!
&& who knew the Irish have about 20 different breads?!


Friday, 2 September 2011


It's fair to say that i had a pretty magical weekend last week!
Not one but two of my cousin's married their other halfs!
The food, the drink, the people and most importantly my newly married cousin's and cousin in laws looked absolutely stunning. Words cannot describe how beautiful both ceremonies where, completely 2 entirely different venues but equally as amazing as each other.

(Picture heavy!)


Michelle & Henry Southey

@Kingscote Barn, Bristol

We even had fish & chips for a snack later on in the night!
This is a slight joke at my Uncle & Auntie (Bride's parents) as they own a chip shop,
in which my cousin grew up with!


Shoes, Aldo, £65


Joanne & Huw Roberts

@Thornton Manor, Cheshire

Dress, New Look, £27.99

My sibings <3

to end off my perfect Bank Holiday weekend i spent the whole day and night with my looovely boyfriend.
Although i'm at the tender age of 21 and i've only been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years, 
... i dropped massive wedding hints, BIG TIME. haha
Although i have no intentions of getting married anytime soon i definitely love talking about it.

He's still my boyfriend so i haven't scared him off thankfully!

Hope everyone had a great weekend ... and a great weekend this week
(Damn i always post late!)


Thursday, 18 August 2011


So far my summer hasn't shaped up to the best in terms of holidays. 
Come to think of it, this time last year i was less than a week away from embarking on a 4 month trip abroad to Hong Kong! How time flies by!

However it's not all doom and gloom, i'll be heading to Barcelona at the end of September with my other half who, may i add received a graduate job last week from Ernst & Young after completing his internship this summer. I'm absolutely ecstatic for him but more for the fact that he'll be contracted to work in the Liverpool office for 3 years, which means i'll be closer to him! (He's originally from Birmingham!)

As for the rest of my summer i decided to spontaneously take a trip down to London to see a couple of friends and also let abit of steam, literally ... the sun was beaming and i swear you could sizzle food on my hair.
The perks of having black hair eh? haha.
So my trip begin with a 6hr journey on the laaavely Megabus ... £9 single trip from Liverpool to London? I'm definitely not saying no to cheapness! In all fairness the coach wasn't that bad at all, i felt the hours went by very quickly. Frank Ocean's latest mixtape did help time pass quickly. <3

and now for a brief summary of my Landan town weekend ... it went a little something like

cheap burger and chips with a cheeky free voucher
hot pants
Forever 21!
6 inch heels
Vauxhall - Chi Night
"You're soooo taaaalll"
late night chicken and chips, dry chicken FML
fresh morning, no hangover
Brick Lane
Spitalfields Market
best Thai Food EVER
Moroccan Oil
Sushi @ SOHO
celeb spotting, Ashley Banjo from Diversity on Carnaby Street
M&M World, Leicester Sqaure
SNOG! frozen yoghurt

6hr journey back to Liverpool ... home .... BED!


Tuesday, 9 August 2011



My new obsession, thanks to the lovely Jessica @
It's basically a company promoting healthy snacks to enjoy.
I ordered my first box which may i add is FREE!

They have such a wide selection of choices to pick from. It allows you to rate them, and pick which ones you'd like to be sent soon to try. It's amazing, my first box was DELICIOUS!

I'm not a massive fan of nuts and raisins so i chose alot from the crackers selection.

1. very-norish
very light with a hint of seaweed

2. tom yum yum
ever had tom yum soup?
it's exactly the same taste, i love that edgy taste. 

3. cheddar gorge
ahha standard cheesey snack
can't go wrong with cheese. nom.

4. korean chilli rice crackers
i absolutely love spicy food
so this was right up my street!
FULL of flavour.

Funny how they're supposed to be "snacks" though, i definitely devoured the lot whilst catching up on The Kardashians! haha.

Now it's your time to enjoy some snacks for free!
Enjoy your free box using my code below and not only that you get your second box half price!


Thursday, 4 August 2011


It's absolutely pissing it down this morning but i have to say it's not dampen my spirits one bit.

Over the past couple of months i've been "suffering" 
(i use that word lightly, i don't want to sound like a complete emo! haha) 
from headaches pretty much everyday which can get progressively worse throughout the day. 
I'd spend hours stressing over exams, and pressure to do well, comparing myself to others. 
Basically over thinking EVERYTHING in life and making my own assumptions on very little information. 

It pretty much SUCKED. 

Doctor's appointments, scans and several blood tests later, my doctor told me it was all down to Chronic Tension.
Confirmation that i'm not completely losing the plot! haha.
Obviously at the time i didn't realise that i was bringing the stress onto myself. I mean ... blaming other people is always easy! ha.

Doctor's advice? ... Pankillers and CHILLAX THE FUCK OUT!

Ha alright so maybe he didn't exactly say those words, but i have to say it's only day 2 but i'm feeling a tad better.
I figured i haven't taken photos of my outfits in god knows how long, and my blog posts have become infrequent and less.
I haven't even finished my 30 day blog challenge etc

So this is a fresh new start.


This is me:

Maxi Dress, £12.99, H&M
Burnt Orange Oversized Jumper, £45, Urban Outfitters
Sandals, £20 (SALE!) Office, buy them HERE

One last thing ... look at these absolute beauties i got for my 21st birthday from my amazing best friend!
Vivienne Westwood earrings <3

It's weird to think that i got my first ear piercing just over 6 months ago and now i have 5!
Originally 6, until my tragus piercing got infected :(
Safe to say i go slightly addicted to piercings, maybe it'll be tattoo's next? ha

Thursday, 21 July 2011


In less than a week i should technically class myself as a "mature adult", 4 days to be exact. 
Thoughts? None whatsoever! Well, regarding becoming older that is ...
On the other hand the past year has flew by and i can honestly say that being the age of 20 has by far been the best age for me, I've traveled, lived in a different country, made some amazing friends and had so many ups and downs with life in general, but overall i wouldn't change it for a thing.

However the prospect of living my life through the age of 21 is quite daunting and it's scares me slightly. I'll be entering my final year of University which inevitably decides my fate in the career side of life.
Coming from a traditional Chinese family, education and achieving high is a massive pressure. Having a sister who's naturally clever doesn't help either ... anybody else get compared big time with sisters/brothers/cousins/friend of a friend of a friend?!
Then there's the job applications, interviews etc,


*nervous laugh*

Hmmm, but nevertheless i'm sure being 21 will be a year i won't ever forget!

Birthday celebrations start early ... BIRTHDAY MEAL with my "toyboy" other half and close friends at the gorgeous Savina Mexican Restaurant.
I say "toyboy", you won't believe the amount of "milf", "you're old" jokes i get from him for being a mere 2 days older than him! haha Brilliant!